Rose Veal

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Bree & calf, summer 2014

Bree & calf, summer 2014

Our “Milk & Meadow” Rose Veal is veal with integrity and character. Our calves are born on pasture, allowed to nurse from their mamas as they wish, and are provided with necessary social interaction by being raised as part of the cowherd, which is moved to a paddock of fresh grasses, clovers, and herbs daily. They are never confined, fed grains, or administered growth hormones or antibiotics. In short, our calves are never subjected to the horrors of modern industrial veal production.

Our veal calves are processed at 6 to 8 months of age at a USDA-inspected facility, then are dry-aged 14 days for optimal flavor and tenderness. The result is ethically-produced veal of unrivaled quality.

Cuts available include a variety of roasts, shank (osso buco), rib and loin chops, cutlets, organ meats, stock bones, and ground veal.  Availability is typically limited, due to the nature of seasonal production and the inherent limits on a small and diversified farm.

Our “Milk & Meadow” Rose Veal is currently available only at our booth at Farmers Market of the Ozarks, and occasionally on local restaurant menus.

For more information on why we have chosen to produce veal, please read our Why Veal page.


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