Other Products

While our primary focus is our Milk & Meadow Rose Veal and our variety of Heritage Poultry, we also provide a number of other products for our customers. These are typically available in limited quantities. The foraged items below are strictly seasonal, so when they’re gone, they’re gone.

Pastured Eggs

Our egg customers are some of our most devoted fans. Time and again we hear how much better our eggs are than other eggs our customers have tried. To be honest we’re not sure why this is, but we must be doing something right. Our hens have free range of our pastures and are supplemented with non-GMO grains, and they lay eggs with vivid orange yolks. $5.00/dozen.

Quail Eggs

New for 2016, we are trying our hand at raising quail for eggs and for the table. These are a hot-ticket item for restaurants, but we hope to have a few dozen per week extra for sale at the farmers market. Quail eggs are commonly hard-boiled and eaten as such or then pickled, popular bar fare. $4.50/dozen.

Raw Milk

Our grass-fed raw milk comes from our small herd of Jersey cattle, known for their calm temperament and high butterfat milk. Our cows spend their days grazing our pastures, nursing their calves, and are hand-milked in our 1930’s era barn. Because we share the milk with the calves (the cows and their calves are separated for the night so we can milk in the morning, then turned back together for the day) our yield is relatively low, but the benefit to our calves is worth it. $6.00/gallon, with a one-time bottle deposit of $5.00.

Wild-harvested greens

We often gather these to mix into our own salads, but now we’ll be scaling it up a bit. Availability will depend on the season, but we intend to offer the following:

  • Winter cress — a peppery, spicy green similar to arugula.
  • Dandelion — the ubiquitous lawn plant, very nutrient dense. Also with a peppery bite.
  • Curly dock — a potherb of rural significance with a tart kick.
  • Lambs quarters — aka wild spinach. Delicious raw in salads, on sandwiches, or sautéed.

Wild-harvested Gooseberries

Growing in abundance along the edge of our woods, gooseberries make a delicious pie (try a bit of orange zest for interest), wonderful jam, and some people (bless them) prefer to eat them raw. Typically available mid-to-late June through early July. $10/quart.

Grapevine Wreaths

Hand-made of wild grapevines gathered from our woodlot. Available plain, or decorated for the holidays. Price varies based on size and level of decoration.


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