Mulefoot Pork

Our pork comes from our rare breed Mulefoot hogs. We rotate our hogs through woods, pasture, and the garden, giving them a diverse diet and plenty of exercise. They are supplemented with non-GMO grains and are never given antibiotics or growth hormones. Our Mulefoot hogs are slow growing, requiring approximately 12 months to reach butcher size, about twice as long as most market hogs. This results in a deeper, more complex, satiating flavor.

When the more common hog breeds were being developed in the early part of the 20th century, the Mulefoot was already considered an old breed. For a fascinating history, see our Mulefoot Hogs page.

We are in the building stages of our pork enterprise, so availability will be inconsistent until we get our numbers up. If you’re not sure what to do with certain cuts, see the Pork section of our “Recipes” page. Current 2014 pricing:

  • Ground pork: $6.50/lb.
  • Shoulder roast: $7.50/lb.
  • Belly (whole): $8.00/lb.
  • Spare ribs: $7.50/lb.
  • Bone-in loin chops: $9.00/lb.
  • Hocks & soup bones: $4.00/lb.
  • Heart and liver: $4.00/lb.

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