Heritage Chickens

Heritage birds on pastureOur heritage breed chickens are pasture-raised and fed only non-GMO grains. They are slow growing, requiring twice as long to reach market weight as most meat chickens, resulting in a firmer texture and superior flavor as revealed by blind side-by-side taste tests. We process our birds in small batches on our own farm. We offer only whole chickens, so no chicken breasts or legs/thighs.

Price for 2014 is $5.50/lb. Weights range from 2.5 to 4.0 lbs. (most are 3 lbs. or so).

Chickens are available fresh at select times throughout the year (a couple of times per month from early July through late October). Frozen birds available while they last. We also offer chicken hearts, livers, gizzards, and feet, as well as the occasional adult rooster (great for braising dishes such as coq au vin), stewing hens (when retiring our laying birds), and Cornish hens. Please contact us for availability.

For more information on our heritage breed chickens, please refer to these pages:

Why Heritage Chickens?

Our Breeds


A Heritage Poultry FAQ (coming soon)



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