Cornish Hens

Full disclosure, calling these “Cornish hens” may not be entirely accurate. Industrially-raised Cornish hens–what you will find in the freezer case at the supermarket–come from very young females of the Cornish-Rock Cross hybrid. (These are sometimes called “Cornish Rock Hens” or something similar.) There is also what might be considered the “traditional” Cornish hen, which comes from a somewhat older purebred Cornish chicken. In early summer 2014 we raised about two dozen of the latter, but we weren’t very happy with their feed conversion, and chick availability was hit-or-miss, so we decided to try again with more readily available breeds.

The “Cornish hens” from our most recent batch come from Barred Plymouth Rock and Light Brahma chickens. They are processed on-farm in small batches at 9 to 10 weeks of age. Like all of our poultry, these birds are pasture-raised and are fed only non-GMO grains.

Price is $5.50/lb. They come two to a package, with each package weighing in at around 2 lbs. Plan to allow one bird per person.



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